Arm Security

New Video

Front Door

CO Detected

Water Leak

Close Garage

Indoor Temp

System disarmed notification

Arm Security System

Video event notification at the front doorbell

New Video Event

Doorbell notification

Check Front Door

CO Warning Alert

CO Detected

Water Detection Notification

Water Leak Detected

Garage door sensor notification

Close Garage Door

Home temperature status notification

Adjust Indoor Temp

Installed by Home Security Professionals

Home automation gives you the ability to monitor and control items around your house with a push of a button while at your desk or anywhere else. CMD's remote access service allows you to easily arm and disarm your security system, lock doors and view video using an app. It's convenient, secure and can save on energy costs. The peace of mind it gives is priceless.

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Garage door sensor notification
Home temperature status notification

Remote Control

Wherever, whenever.

Arm or disarm your security system, unlock or lock doors, turn lights off or on, adjust thermostat temperature, even open or close garage doors from wherever you are.

A smart living room.
Control your home for any device
Water Detection Notification
CO Warning Alert

Push Notifications

Stay connected.

Stay connected and aware of potentially costly water activity in your home. Whether you’re in the kitchen — or in another state — you can receive notifications when a pipe freezes or a leak is detected.

A flooded floor
Honeywell Home, WiFi Water Leak & Freeze Detector
Bird's eye view of a neighborhood
System disarmed notification


Location awareness alerts you when you are out of boundaries, reminding you to set the alarm.

Video event notification at the front doorbell
Doorbell notification

Increase awareness.

View live videos and recorded clips from cameras to see, hear, and record what's happening at your home at all times.

Doorbell camera video of a package delivery being made
Customize Your Home

Create Smart Scenes

Customize your home with a series of automated actions. Create an exit routine that adjusts the temperature and locks the doors. Or, run a bedtime routine that checks the garage door status, turns on outdoor lights and arms the alarm.

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